Aluminium Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling Specialists Based In Glasgow

Aluminium curtain walling is perfect for any building aiming to become a local icon. Made by lightweight, recyclable and durable aluminium this strong facade can transform standard buildings into epic centre pieces on any street.

Benefits of Aluminium Curtain Walling

People choose curtain walling for it’s stunning aesthetics. However, curtain walling is also strong, thermally efficient, has enhanced fire safety features and helps keep out air and water.

Environmentally Friendly

Curtain Walling made with aluminium is more environmentally friendly than steel curtain walling. This is because aluminium itself is fully recyclable and can be used again and again.

Maximise Room lighting

With the floor to ceiling window style afforded with curtain walling you really get the most out of your space. Curtain walling really does offer the brightest and best natural lighting option for your building.

Enhanced Fire Safety

Aluminium curtain walling has little or no combustible elements on the building’s exterior. As such the outside building is extremely fire resistant. On top of this internal curtain walling can cause a break in the internal architecture which can help reduce the spread of fire, aiding safe evacuation.

One of our manufacturers, Schüco, also offer fire rated, bomb and blast resistant curtain walling.

Thermally Efficient

If installed correctly, curtain walling demonstrates a strong thermal performance. Curtain walling can help your building achieve a higher BREEAM rating and a move towards a more energy efficient environment.


By letting in the maximum amount of natural light, curtain walling is the preference of architectures worldwide. These days when creating a building that aims to WOW passers-by curtain walling is the go to aesthetic feature. This is because it combines the striking grandeur of tall, imposing glass structures with the bright, airy interior of an open plan office that is flooded with natural lighting.


Typically, we think that glass is fragile. This is not the case with curtain walling. Curtain walling offers a strong walling solution by negating the effects of heat-based contraction and expansion, building sway and diversion of water.

Keeping out Air and Water

Curtain Walling keeps out air and water making it both the insulation and buffer on a building. Curtain walls give buildings a longer lease of life whilst being more affordable and easier to maintain.

Our Brands

Using industry leading brands Senior Architectural Systems, Metal Technology and Schüco our windows and curtain walling are tailored to your specific project needs.

Senior Architectural Systems Aluminium Curtain Walling

Senior Architectural systems focus on helping architects create award winning building façades. Senior offer aluminium and hybrid curtain walling alongside sloping and frameless options for truly iconic designs.

Metal Technology Aluminium Curtain Walling

Metal Technology have engineered a cost-effective curtain walling product that is considered appropriate for expansive high rise glazed applications in line with current British Standards.

Schüco Aluminium Curtain Walling

Schüco focus on modern and sustainable architecture that offers solid energy efficiency. Schüco aluminium curtain walling can also come fire resistant, bomb resistant, burglar resistant and bullet resistant.

Cube Glass Scotland

Cube Glass are Glasgow’s premium aluminium curtain walling specialist. We supply leading brands and tailor fit all our projects ourselves.

With extensive experience, our engineers are accustomed to working closely with architectures, surveyors and project managers in a hands-on way to understand the full scope of a project. This allows us to fully understand our customer’s needs and focus on offering tailored solutions that will meet the project specifications.

Projects completed include a wide range of private, public and sub-contracts.