Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors

At Cube Glass we are specialists in supplying, fitting, repairing and maintaining aluminium doors in Glasgow.

Environmentally Friendly Aluminium Doors

All of our doors come from trusted, premium suppliers. Our suppliers use fully recyclable aluminium in all of the products shipped to us. This allows us to comfortably offer all of our customers premium, recyclable aluminium doors.

Emergency Fire exit doors

Emergency fire exit doors are built to a heavy-duty specification with safety and security in mind. Commercial emergency escape doors come fitted with a panic bar for quick escape and additional security. These doors are strong, robust and secure.



Bi-Fold Aluminium Doors Supplied And Fitted In Glasgow

Aluminium Bi-fold doors are a sturdy and compact option. These doors fold in on themselves, neatly stacking against a wall. As aluminium is so customisable and versatile it is the perfect material for bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors are an excellent choice for your kitchen and living room. The simple yet sturdy design provides beautiful lighting options to flood your room with floor to ceiling light.

Finding solutions to add light and energy to a room can be difficult. Bi-folding doors bring a natural feel to a room by merging the inside and outside of your home in a natural style. As Aluminium is a lighter option than steel or other materials our doors slide open with ease, unlike other, bulkier options.

Being aluminium, our bi-fold doors are lightweight, strong and durable and can be coloured in any colour you choose. Aluminium is super durable, so you can rest assured that your bi-folding doors will give you and your family beautiful natural light for years to come with as little maintenance required as possible.

Bi-fold doors are preferred over sliding doors by people who want a seamless transition from inside to outside.

Aluminium Sliding or Lift & Slide doors

Lightweight and classic, our high engineered aluminium sliding doors are the perfect gateway to your garden.

With larger glazed panels, sliding doors are preferred over bi-folding doors by people who want the least amount of frame in their door to allow better views when the doors are closed.

Built using premium aluminium these doors are not only super lightweight but also durable, sturdy and energy efficient. These aluminium sliding doors also come with a multipoint mushroom lock, anti-jack device and clutch mechanism that locks doors together.

Aluminium sliding doors come in just about every colour imaginable. This is because aluminium can be coloured using dye, electrolytic colouring, integral colouring or interference colouring.

Aluminium Automatic Doors

Cube Glass supply and install aluminium automatic doors. All our aluminium automatic doors are suitable for offices, airports, hotels, corporate buildings, shops, local restaurants, supermarkets and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our bespoke packages allow for flexibility and adept suitability.

Our automatic doors use aluminium which is energy efficient and robust enough to endure the harshest weather conditionals and the busiest traffic flow bottlenecks. Moreover, due to aluminium’s durable qualities, our doors operate silently and robustly for a prolonged period. That means silent automatic doors, even after several years.

Unlike other materials, aluminium does not shrink or expand depending on temperature. This means that aluminium automatic doors create a sealed environment that keeps heat in increasing a building’s energy efficiency rating. Couple this with the fact that aluminium is a fully recyclable material then it becomes clear that aluminium automatic doors are the perfect choice for companies looking to enhance their eco-friendly ratings.

Our Brands

Using industry leading brands Senior Architectural Systems, Metal Technology and Schüco our aluminium doors are tailored to your specific project needs.

Senior Architectural Systems Aluminium Doors

Founded in 1991, Senior Architectural Systems’ aluminium doors are highly commended for being robust, high performance and competitive prices. Senior Architectural System’s aluminium doors demonstrate strong thermal efficiency and high-level security within both residential and commercial settings. Aluminium doors supplied by Senior Architectural Systems include folding, sliding and automated doors with solutions that easily integrate with curtain walling.

Metal Technology Aluminium Doors

With a focus on sustainability, Metal Technology have been supplying bespoke aluminium doors that integrate with curtain walling systems for over 30 years. Metal Technology supplies bi-folding, sliding and emergency exit doors.

Schüco Aluminium Doors

German manufacturers Schüco are renowned in the industry for their precision-engineered aluminium doors. Schüco doors offer security, an excellent fire rating, bomb & blast resistance and thermal insulation making them an excellent choice of aluminium door.

Cube Glass Scotland

Cube Glass are Glasgow’s premium aluminium door specialists. We supply leading brands and tailor fit all our projects ourselves.

With extensive experience, our engineers are accustomed to working closely with architectures, surveyors and project managers in a hands-on way to understand the full scope of a project. This allows us to fully understand our customer’s needs and focus on offering tailored solutions that will meet the project specifications.

Projects completed include a wide range of private, public and sub-contracts.