Aluminium Glass Roof Systems

Aluminium Glass Roofing Specialists Based In Glasgow

Glass roofing provides a stunning choice for increased natural lighting. Couple this with the strength and versatility of aluminium and you have a strong choice for your roofing needs.

Dual Pitched and Mono Pitched (lean to) Aluminium Glass Roofs

At Cube Glass we offer both dual and mono pitched aluminium glass roofs. Dual pitched roofs slope off in two directions whereas mono pitched, or lean to, roofs only slope off to one side.

Benefits of Aluminium Glass Roof Systems

Glass Roofs are generally considered a modern form of construction. This roofing system can offer homeowners and businesses increased natural light, solid thermal performance, sound reduction, design flexibility and an increase in home value.

Natural Light

More obvious that the other benefits listed here, a glass roof will increase the light coming into your home. However, a glass roof will not just brighten up your home – it will floor your home with light. A lot of people underestimate the amount of light that glass roofs provide.

Sound Reduction

Glass can help reduce external noise. Naturally thicker glass lends itself to higher levels of sound reduction. As well as thicker glass, the air gap (space between panes of glass) helps sound reduction.

Environmentally Friendly

As our glass roofs are made with premium aluminium they are incredibly friendly to the environment. These glass roofs can be recycled and often come from recycled sources.

Design Flexibility

Aluminium is extremely malleable meaning it can be shaped freely. This means that aluminium glass roofing offers home owners and architectures near limitless flexibility. Aluminium is also easily coloured.

Cube Glass Scotland

Cube Glass are Glasgow’s premium aluminium structural glass roofing specialists. We supply leading brands and tailor fit all our projects ourselves.

With extensive experience, our engineers are accustomed to working closely with architectures, surveyors and project managers in a hands-on way to understand the full scope of a project. This allows us to fully understand our customer’s needs and focus on offering tailored solutions that will meet the project specifications.

Projects completed include a wide range of private, public and sub-contracts.