Aluminium Office Partitioning

Office Partition Specialists Based in Glasgow

Bespoke glass office partitions are an excellent way to organise your office floor and create collaborative spaces alongside private workstations. Cube Glass work closely with contractors, building managers and business owners to deliver creative office partitioning projects.

Aluminium Partitions Glasgow

Aluminium is one of the most durable office partitioning systems available with an elevated level of flexibility when installing and moving. This makes aluminium glazing a time effective way to get your flexible office partitioning installed.

Aluminium partitions can also be coloured any way you want to remain consistent with current interior designs and branding. Our engineers can also powder coat your aluminium partitioning system. We also offer the option to cover joints with cover trims and can make your partitioning sit flush to any wall.

Integral Office Blinds

Integral office blinds are currently a popular service we offer. These blinds are build into the windows between two separate pieces of premium glass. An external lever allows you to open or close the integral blinds with ease switching between privacy and openness in an instant.

Glass Partitions Glasgow

Glass partitions are a modern and stylish solution to office partitioning. Glass lets light move freely around, helping to create an open and bright environment. That is why many modern offices are choosing glass partitioning.

Many small companies choosing their office space love the professional, sharp and modern feel that glass partitioning offers. This allows them to impress potential clients and helps start-ups give their business and identity a professional look and feel.

Why Choose Aluminium Glass Office Partitioning?

Glass office partitioning is the perfect balance between non-transparent partitioning and no partitioning at all. With glass office partitioning you get the best of both worlds; privacy whilst still feeling like you are in an open plan office.

  • Aesthetics

  • The glass we use in our bespoke glass office partitioning is stunning. Glass partitioning in general looks much more aesthetically appealing than simple fabric office partition screens. Premium glass creates a certain prestigious feel within a professional interior that is only attainable using the very best glass products in partitioning.

  • Environment

  • Unlike woven partitions and cheaper solutions, aluminium lass office partitions are recyclable. The aluminium we use can be re-used in the future, enhancing your businesses green factor.

  • Light

  • Being transparent, glass partitioning allows light to freely travel through a building’s entire space. This gives offices with glass partitioning a bright and vibrant feel to them.

  • Sound

  • Certain glass partitions come with higher levels of sound reduction. Double glazing can reduce sound levels significantly, whilst special attention should be given to the door as this is where most sound reduction is sacrificed.

    Reducing the sound levels in an office can improve staff productivity.

  • Limited Privacy

  • Some people like an open plan office and some people don’t. Glass office partitioning is the happy medium. Workers can get the feel of working in a bright, open plan office whilst having the privacy of their own partitioned space inside the wider office.

Cube Glass Scotland

Cube Glass are Glasgow’s premium aluminium office partitioning specialists. We supply leading brands and tailor fit all our projects ourselves.

With extensive experience, our engineers are accustomed to working closely with architectures, surveyors and project managers in a hands-on way to understand the full scope of a project. This allows us to fully understand our customer’s needs and focus on offering tailored solutions that will meet the project specifications.

Projects completed include a wide range of private, public and sub-contracts.