Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows Supplied And Fitted In Glasgow

Aluminium windows have always been favoured by businesses due to their design flexibility, durability and maintenance. Over the last decade aluminium windows have become increasingly popular amongst home owners. This is because they are affordable, thermally efficient and fully recyclable.

Aluminium windows are easily tailored to your specific project needs and are extremely durable. An aluminium window will continue to look new for years. There are several types of windows we supply.

Aluminium Tilt Turn Windows Supplied And Fitted In Glasgow

Tilt and turn windows are a popular option amongst home owners and office workers. Simple to use, yet sturdy, these windows can open on a tilt or be pushed fully open. As two mechanisms are used here the frame must be quite sturdy. Therefore, aluminium is a perfect choice for tilt and turn windows.

Aluminium Casement Windows Supplied And Fitted In Glasgow

Casement windows are simply hinged windows. Aluminium casement windows are a popular option over traditional wooden casement windows as they do not require as much maintenance.

Aluminium Pivot Windows Supplied And Fitted In Glasgow

Sliding windows simply slide open and close. However, siding windows can be floor to ceiling meaning that a lot of glass is used. The weight in a large sheet of glass can put a strain on traditional wooden frames which is why aluminium is perfect for heavy sliding windows.

Our Brands

Using industry leading brands Senior Architectural Systems, Metal Technology and Schüco our aluminium windows are tailored to your specific project needs.

Senior Architectural Systems Aluminium Windows

Senior Architectural Systems PURe® Window System has an incredible 0.71 U-value meaning they are effective insulators. We offer casement, tilt and turn, overswing and pivot windows from Senior Architectural Systems available in an array of colours.

Metal Technology Aluminium Windows

Metal Technology are popular due to the A+ WER levels achievable with Metal Technology windows. We offer casement, tilt turn, parallel opening, top swing pivot, vertical sliding and horizontal sliding windows from Metal Technology.

Schüco Aluminium Windows

German manufacturers Schüco are world renowned in the industry for their precision-engineered aluminium windows. Schüco specialise in security, fire rated doors & windows, bomb & blast resistant doors & windows, thermal insulation and noise reduction making them an excellent choice of window.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is usually the first choice for home owners, business owners, contactors and architects due to the design flexibility, thermal performance, low maintenance and green factors that are achievable.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Aluminium is fully recyclable. In-fact, with 75% of aluminium currently still in use, it has one of the highest recycling rates of any material.

  • Colours

  • Aluminium is very easily coloured. It can be coloured using dye, electrolytic colouring, integral colouring or interference colouring. This means that aluminium is available in almost every colour imaginable.

  • Design Flexibility

  • Aluminium is extremely versatile. It is both lightweight and stable and has a ton of useful features that make it good to work with. Aluminium is strong, resistant, durable, recyclable, temperature resistant, vapour-impermeable and UV resistant.

  • Durability

  • Compared to typical uPVC or PVCU aluminium has an incredible life span. Aluminium should last up to 30 years, whereas uPVC or PVCU only lasts around 15 years.

  • Thermal Performance

  • Aluminium windows can exceed energy efficient standards. All brands we sell meet or exceed energy efficient standards. Our aluminium windows can reduce window related heat loss by up to 60%.

  • Low Maintenance

  • Aluminium is a carrion resistant material. Unlike wood which rots and uPVC which needs cleaned regularly, aluminium requires very low maintenance. That is why it has always been a favourite of businesses.

Cube Glass Scotland

Cube Glass are Glasgow’s premium aluminium window specialists. We supply leading brands and tailor fit all our projects ourselves.

With extensive experience, our engineers are accustomed to working closely with architectures, surveyors and project managers in a hands-on way to understand the full scope of a project. This allows us to fully understand our customer’s needs and focus on offering tailored solutions that will meet the project specifications.

Projects completed include a wide range of private, public and sub-contracts.